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Anne Sophie Richard
Anne Sophie Richard

Anne-Sophie is a smiley Parisian in her fifties who has long worked in communication. She has 3 daughters, unlimited energy and an immense love for life.

Anne-Sophie has fought against cancer 3 times which gave her more than anyone a deep understanding of how life is both precious and fragile: “I have too many reasons to live:  I love life, my children, my family, my friends and the beauty of the great outdoors too much to leave it all so early ”.

Her daily life is constantly disrupted by the treatments she needs to undergo which are very heavy and frequent. She has learnt to live with the idea of ​​dying sooner than expected. To try and escape it all, she found a necessary refuge in drawing and discovered between two phases of treatment, Indian ink. It allows her to vent and turn sometimes obscure states of mind into poetry. Each drawing has a name which perfectly reflects the moment of its creation: Strength, Friendship, Standing, Gratitude, Respite but also Merci la Vie….

Very quickly, her relatives started to buy her drawings. One of her friends suggested that she creates Galerie Anne-Sophie R on social networks to give her more visibility and a different dimension. Anne-Sophie eventually accepted the idea but wanted part of the profits to be donated to the “Life is Rose” association ( to fight against social precariousness generated by cancer). The first series of drawings was auctioned and was an immediate success.

In September 2020, Galerie Anne-Sophie R took another step: the drawings are now sold at a fixed price and buyers are no longer just friends but “strangers” who let themselves be carried away by the depth of her work. Everyone is moved by her story and this life lesson. Never give up: "I tried to transform the threat and used it to create, dream, feel ... in a word, Live! ".


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