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Bernard Durin
Bernard Durin

Bernard Durin was born in Nice on 13th March 1940. He studied in Paris at the ‘Ecole Estienne’, and in the studio of the poster designer, Paul Colin, from 1958 to 1960. He then collaborated with several different magazines and designed many book covers as well as advertising materials. From 1972, Bernard Durin launched himself into the creation of around 60 “portraits”. Most of the insects were discovered during his walks in the Saint-Baume mountains. The more exotic specimens come from the archives of the Entomology Department of The Natural History Museum in Paris. Each portrait took roughly 3 weeks to accomplish. Using a weaver’s magnifying glass and an 00 size water-colour brush, Bernard painted using the pure watercolour technique. His work was shown in Munich (Galerie Bartsch & Chariau) and in Paris (Galerie Martine Gossieaux). In 1983, the Museum of Natural History in Paris ordered 3 of these paintings on vellum which enhanced their permanent collection, and are exhibited on a regular basis. Bernard Durin passed away on 4th of January 1988 in Paris, leaving behind him an amazing collection of art that is renowned world-wide. Today the general public is slowly discovering the work of Bernard Durin, notably when newspapers or magazine articles appear, such as the article in the New York Times in December 2013.



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