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Tiffany Cooper
Tiffany Cooper

Born in 1985, Tiffany Cooper studied at the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts, but chose to work as a gallery assistant and retail sales coordinator for luxury brands, rather than a risk in the unstable creative job market. Once she attained a position of responsibility, she found herself living in overpriced lodgings following a stultifying routine. She walked away from it all to travel and create an illustrated blog, The Best of All Possible Worlds, where she laughed about her jobless state, teased Karl Lagerfeld, and delved into existential questions of the highest order. Her blog attracted lots of attention and allowed her to publish her first book (The Best of All Possible Worlds- Le Meilleur des Mondes Possibles in French). She became an author/illustrator, regularly contributing to magazines (Voici, EllE, Milk, Madame Figaro) and working with the Colette concept store as well as several publishers (Delcourt, Eyrolles, Marabout...). In 2015, she was invited by Karl Lagerfeld to collaborate with his brand : an exhibition, a capsule collection, a short animated film, illustrations for the Karl Daily and a graphic novel about Karl Lagerfeld's life (Karl’s Secrets, 2015). Her latest book Fairy Tales as seen by Tiffany Cooper came out in September 2016. 



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