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Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?
Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?

Diane Ratican received her bachelor of arts degree in History and Sociology from the University of California Berkeley, and then earned her master of arts degree in Sociology and Education from UCLA. She started her career educating gifted children, and then moved on to become a risk-taking entrepreneur. This background uniquely prepared her to engage in this latest endeavor, as writer, conjuror of images, and artistic director. Her vision of art telling a story comes from her innate creativity and her talent as a collector and curator of art. To her, educating is communicating, and that is what she strives for in Why LA, pourquoi Paris? Sharing her enchantment with, and knowledge of, both Los Angeles and Paris has become a complex project with all the depth and nuances of a richly textured tapestry. Her drive is what has navigated her through this process.

Nick Lu is a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, with a degree in illustration. Nick is currently living in Los Angeles and working as an illustrator. Nick spends most of his time dreaming up interesting, eclectic things for his clients; notable clients include the New Yorker, Wired, Boston Globe, PlanSponsor, Bloomberg View, Hohe Luft magazine, Playboy jazz, Poketo, Riney Advertising, and Macmillan Children’s Publishing.

Beginning with serial illustrations for the French edition of ELLE magazine in 1996, Eric Giriat has since flooded the magazine, advertising, and book publishing industries in many fields internationally, from fashion to economics, politics, psychology, children’s books, interior design, the luxury industry, culture, and portraits. He also works with fashion and product design, designing T-shirt and pullover motifs for JOOP! (a German company); pillows, giant stickers, and pareos (wrap-around skirts) for Dona Fusion (a Brazilian company)


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