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Helena Hauss
Helena Hauss

Helena Hauss’s works are done exclusively with ballpoint pen. Aiming to focus on girlhood, and what it means to become one’s self while refusing to be tamed. She explores the contrasting pull of innocence and vice and the beauty that comes with a corrupt mind through the sheer will to discover and experience. Exploring those subject matters on a backdrop of childish innocence and nostalgia. Helena discovered her love for ballpoint pen in the classroom, as a somewhat unruly student in high school, where she would spend the long hours in class drawing and the ballpoint pen was just a way not to get noticed by the teachers. This later became here trademark. She studied at ESAG Penninghen in Paris, the Blake College of Arts in London and Intuit Lab in Aix. Her work has been exhibited in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and Belgium.



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