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Classical dance and ballet are among Sempé's recurring themes. On this March 23, 1987 cover, a young ballerina presents her steps under the keen eye of her teacher. With her arm raised, she looks like a statue of liberty, while the shadows of her classmates draw a reflection close to that of the Skyline in the Hudson River. 

As a greeting to the sun on Sempé’s August 11, 1997 New Yorker cover. The simplicity of the infinite landscape, the gradations of the dawn sky, the thin strips of foam and the pastel yellow sand beach, make the little gymnast in red shorts who stands on his head, a real ray of sunshine. 

Sempé, dance and childhood, it's a long story of love and drawings. On this October 24, 2005 cover, he captures once again better than anyone else those moments of suspension or momentum that link one to the other. In the shadow of a statue of a dancer, the young ballerina sits, between apprehension and dream, waiting to join the Steinwey and its scores.