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Made in France

Our products leave our workshops within 8 working days.
The format 38x56 cm, 56x76 cm, 76x105 cm,
and 95x130 cm within 10 to 15 days


Metropolitan France and Worlwide 

Image sizes

  • 22x22 cm - Drawing : 13x13 cm
  • 30x40 cm - Drawing : 19,4x27,2 cm
  • 40x50 cm - Drawing : 30,4x41,8 cm
  • 38x56 cm - Drawing : 32,6x50 cm
+3 cm of large white
  • 56x76 cm - Drawing : 50x70 cm
+3 cm of large white
  • 76x105 cm - Drawing : 75x100 cm
  • 95x130 cm - Drawing : 90x120 cm
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4 Rue du Cherche-Midi Paris 6 - 01 44 50 14 10


returns are guaranteed within 15 days

Anne Sophie Richard

Anne-Sophie is a fifty-year-old Parisian woman with an infectious smile who has worked in communications for a long time. She has three daughters, boundless energy and an unshakeable happiness. Struck by cancer three times since 2008, her daily life has been profoundly disrupted and she is more aware than anyone else of the fragility of life.

As a fighter, she takes refuge in drawing and, between two phases of treatment, discovers Indian ink, which allows her to escape, to evacuate and change into poetry her sometimes obscure states of mind. Her works reflect the moment of their creation: Strength, Friendship, Standing, Gratitude, Respite, but also: Thank you Life.

A friend suggested that she create the Anne-Sophie R Gallery on social networks, to give more visibility and another scope to her creations. A part of Anne-Sophie’s profits are donated to the association Life is Rose (www.lifeisrose.fr) which fights against the social precariousness generated by cancer. The auctions were an immediate success.

The inks in Anne-Sophie R's gallery are now sold at fixed prices. Everyone is touched by the depth of her inks, by her story and her wonderful life lesson. Never give up: "I tried to transform the threat and use it to create, dream, feel ... in a word: Live!